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Highlights from AAAS: Plant-inspired robots

Animal biology is often used as an inspiration for robotics. Case in point: Cephalopods, whose distributed system of neural processing is being put to use in robotic arms. But plants can also play a role in the development of better robots. At AAAS 2011, researchers from the University of Michigan and Penn State talked about… Read More »

Mexico toy museum tribute to 9/11

During his trip to Mexico artist Mitch O’Connell went to MUJAM, Museo Del Juguete Antiguo Mexico (in English, the Antique Toy Museum of Mexico) and came across this tribute to 9/11. “The planes and towers are all filled with rubber and plastic heroes to show, well, to show that the creator’s heart was in the… Read More »

As drug violence escalates, entire length of US-Mexico border to be patrolled by unmanned drones

[Image courtesy General Atomics. An artist’s rendition of Predator B, the unmanned aerial drone patrolling the US-Mexico border for human and drug trafficking, and other threats.] Beginning this Wednesday, the entire 2,000 miles of border between the United States and Mexico will be patrolled by unmanned aerial drones. Three drones are already patrolling portions of… Read More »