Chris and Cosey on VBS.TV

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Vice’s Electric Independence visits the home studio of BB pals Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti, pioneering electronic music makers who have bled musical creativity since co-founding Throbbing Gristle more than 35 years ago.

Make a short video for Curt Smith’s first residency in two years, win prizes

curtsmith1.jpg Photo: Justine Ungaro. Curt Smith (of Tears for Fears) is playing is first solo residency in two years at the Whitefire Theater in Sherman Oaks, CA, beginning next Thursday. Vocalist on the original hit single Mad World — a song recently remixed here at BB as a backdrop to a collection of game deaths — Curt & co. liked our video so much they want more! This is where you step in: if you create a video, animation or slideshow that would look good behind a classic Tears for Fears track on which Curt sings lead (such as Everybody Wants To Rule The World and Pale Shelter), or a favorite such as Fake Plastic Trees, Drive or Yellow, it might get featured in one of the dates (April 14, 21 and 28; May 18 and 25; and June 1), as part of a set list centered around Curt’s own solo material. We’ll feature anything that’s selected and there will be FABULOUS PRIZES from the Boing Boing Dungeon of Stolen Review Loaners.

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Cyril Diaz & His Orchestra’s calypso voodoo taboo

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Here’s Cyril Diaz & His Orchestra playing Margarita Lecuona’s “Tabu,” circa 1958. This terrific track, along with three other Diaz tunes from the era, is included on the newly-issued Cyril Diaz & His Orchestra “Voodoo EP” vinyl from Sound Way. If you buy the 10″ vinyl for £7.99, you get the MP3s for free. Smart. From Soundway Records:

This four track EP, limited to 1500 copies, sees Soundway head to Trindad for 4 original 1950s instrumental calypso recordings from Cyril Diaz who became renowned for the “rich and smooth tone” of his tenor sax playing. On this EP Soundway presents four of his tracks including the traditional Cuban standard ‘Tabu’, the Haitian inspired ‘Voodoo’ and ‘Serenal’ with it’s alternate version ‘Chive Soup Merengie’ both derived from Trinidad’s Latin music tradition; parang.

Cyril Diaz & His Orchestra’s “Voodoo EP” (via Dusty Groove America)

Alex Metric & Steve Angello: “Open Your Eyes,” feat. Ian Brown (dir: Peter Serafinowicz)

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You may know Peter Serafinowicz as an actor and funny dude. He is also a fine director, as this music video (in which he also stars) proves. The song is ‘Open Your Eyes’ by Alex Metric & Steve Angello, featuring Ian Brown, and will be released on iTunes on May 8th.

Farewell, LCD Soundsystem: an interview with James Murphy (video)

[Video Link] Ari Kuschnir of m ss ng p eces points us to this 2006 interview with James Murphy; a small antidote to the pangs of withdrawal fans are going through this week. After 10 years and three Grammy nominations, LCD Soundsystem played its final show this past weekend.

About the video, Ari says: “It was a 30 minute interview which we’ve cut into 9 minutes for your viewing pleasure. Murphy shares his thoughts on musical discovery, the future of taste, artistic value in the face of technology and what he did with our plot device, something.”

Tettix’s Finest Designs

finest_designs-1.jpg Judson “Tettix” Cowan describes Finest Designs, his new album of electronica, as a ‘throwback’ to his own earliest work. To those mostly familiar with game-influenced stuff like TKOEP and his fantastically savage remix of Igor Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring, the surprise comes just a few seconds in, when Tettix’s trademark staccato percussion and bleepery is joined by new wavey vocals not heard since Conformatigmatic. “It’s a strong departure from my usual style,” Cowan said. “I felt like I owed to myself to explore singing on another album. It was easy to get complacent making video-gamey stuff, because it’s so easy to get attention on the internet with that sort of sound.”

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Emeralds: live drone synth music

Several months ago, I posted about Emeralds, the Cleveland-based drone/synth/guitar band whose recent album “Does It Look Like I’m Here” flips my analog switches like vintage Tangerine Dream, Neu!, and the Robert Fripp/Brian Eno collaborations. self-titled magazine has posted a recording of Emeralds’ phenomenal performance at last year’s Unsound Festival. Annoyingly, self-titled has turned off SoundCloud’s embedding feature, but you can listen and download the recording by following this link. Emeralds, Live @ Unsound 2010 (via chris_carter_)

UPDATE: Rory from VICE points us to their Electric Independence video interview with Emeralds!