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Test Post

Just when you thought Fox News couldn’t get any better, they go and publish an insane op-ed called “The War On Men” (Really babe? A war? Like with real guns and stuff? Or just with angry women yielding tampons?) that makes you smack your forehead in delightful frustration. After publishing this piece, I’m sure everyone… Read More »

Franken wants a balanced war budget

Senator Al Franken has proposed a “Pay for War” resolution that would require Congress to raise taxes and/or cut spending before authorizing new acts of war, so that American foreign adventures can’t contribute to the national debt. “We have to ensure that Iraq and Afghanistan remain anomalies in American history,” Franken said on the Senate… Read More »

Marketplace for hijacked computers

Brian Krebs went browsing in an underground proxy marketplace, where criminals rent time on hijacked computers to other criminals who want to use the compromised machines as launching-grounds for untraceable networked attacks. Krebs traced down some of the people whose computers were up for rent and let them know that they were being bought and… Read More »

Homebrew vote-counting software from Clerk in conservative Wisconsin county gives Supreme Court win to Tea Party darling

Saljake sez, “The Waukesha, WI County Clerk is allowed to design her own vote-counting-software(!) plus it lives off the network on a desktop computer in her office and has zero IT support after 5pm. Today, she found thousands of state Supreme Court votes for Tea Party darling Prosser that she somehow *forgot* to report to… Read More »

If US government shuts down, many dot-gov websites will go dark

Declan McCullagh at CNET reports that many federal Web sites will likely go offline if the government shuts down Friday night. “A 16-page memo (PDF) to federal agencies says their Web sites may stay online only in a small number of situations, including tax collection and handling ‘exempted’ activities such as payments and other functions… Read More »

Old lady is in yer soil, killin’ yer Internets

Last month, an elderly Georgian woman wielding a shovel accidentally cut off internet access to the entire country of Armenia. Local media has nicknamed her “the spade hacker”. (Via Jad Abumrad)

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