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New York slashes hospital spending, but can’t touch multimillion-dollar CEO paychecks

As New York’s health care system slashes spending by charging more to be unwell and providing fewer services to disabled people, one area of costs is off-limits: multimillion-dollar compensation for hospital executives. The best-paid hospital CEOs are paid nearly 10 million dollar a year (and compensation packages for CEOs are on the rise). When an… Read More »

Authors Guild argues in favor of censorship (also: they don’t know shit about Shakespeare)

The Volokh Conspiracy’s David Post shreds the Authors Guild editorial in this week’s NYT. In it, Scott Turow and James Shapiro argue that America should introduce COICA, an official censorship law that blocks websites that large companies from the entertainment industry don’t like. It’s alarming to see authors arguing in favor of censorship, but the… Read More »

Forger never takes money, only wants to see his works hanging in galleries

The NYT has the bizarre story of American art forger Mark A Landis, who creates convincing art forgeries and then donates them to galleries, refusing all compensation. Seemingly, he does it for the thrill of seeing his work hung as an original, alongside the real deal. Landis occasionally impersonates a priest named Father Scott or… Read More »

Comcast-NBC deal approved by FCC, Justice

“The proposed combination of Comcast and NBC Universal was approved by the Federal Communications Commission Tuesday, smoothing the way for the deal to close by the end of January.” As the NYT’s Brian Stelter notes, “Copps, the only FCCer to oppose deal, says it “confers too much power in one company’s hands.” His statement (Scribd).… Read More »

Former CIA officer charged with leaking info to NYT’s Risen

Jeffrey Sterling, a former CIA officer, has been charged with leaking information to New York Times reporter James Risen. While the Justice Department document doesn’t state the nature of the leak, it is presumed to relate to Risen’s book “State of War,” which covers the CIA’s covert spy war with Iran. Romenesko, AP.

White paper on 3D printing and the law: the coming copyfight

Public Knowledge’s Michael Weinberg has a new white paper: “It Will Be Awesome if They Don’t Screw it Up: 3D Printing, Intellectual Property, and the Fight Over the Next Great Disruptive Technology” — the title says it all, really. Traditional patent infringement is not necessarily well suited to a world in which individuals are replicating… Read More »