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Elephantmen: Dr Moreau meets apocalyptic noir science fiction comic

I’m late to the party on Elephantmen — the comic has been running since 2006 and there’ve been three collections to date. I’ve just read the first one, Wounded Animals and I’ve got that happy, warm feeling that comes from discovering something great, finishing it, and realizing there’s plenty more where that came from (I… Read More »

DMZ: MIA Redemption without forgiveness

DMZ: MIA is the ninth collection of Brian Wood’s spectacular (anti-)war comic set in a Manhattan ravaged by an American civil war that is fuelled by scumbag profiteer military contractors, sensationalist right-wing cable news, hard-ass pandering politicos, and a redneck separatist army who’ve all converged on New York for a decade of house-to-house fighting amid… Read More »

iZombie: snappy, sassy supernatural comic

iZombie: Dead to the World is the first collection of Chris Roberson and Michael Allred’s smart, sassy supernatural thriller comic about a crime-solving zombie gravedigger and her cadre of supernatural pals. Gwen Dylan, the titular zombie, is an attractive, twentysomething artist who can’t remember how she ended up dead (or undead), but she’s determined not… Read More »

Settlers of Catan: the only other board game I can stand

Photo by Nathan Jongewaard. Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license. (Read my earlier post about the game Carcassonne, and my dislike of most boardgames.) The board game Settlers of Catan has been around since 1995, and has been awarded many prizes. Over 15 million copies of Settlers of Catan and other games in the series… Read More »

Glenn Grant’s Burning Days: old school cyberpunk stories from the nostalgic contrafuture

Burning Days is Glenn Grant’s cyberpunk science fiction short story collection, and it’s got that old school, early days grittiness that made reading books like Mirrorshades and Burning Chrome so exciting: giant junk-mecha pit-fighting in illegal wastelands, secret cyborg cops working noir assassinations; deep greens fighting factional splits at massive post-apocalyptic burningmans; waterlogged climate refugees… Read More »