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Lies in London

Lies in London By Laurie Penny Demonstrators sit down on Piccadilly during a protest organised by the Trades Union Congress, in central London. Photo: Paul Hackett / Reuters What went wrong? As the dust settles and the slogans are scrubbed off the walls of Fortnum and Mason, that’s the question the entire British Left is… Read More »

Ghost Babies

Ghost Babies by Mark Dery The traffic in dead babies is booming, on eBay. There are daguerreotypes of dead babies, ambrotypes of dead babies, tintypes of dead babies, cartes de visite of dead babies, cabinet cards of dead babies; dead babies from the Victorian era, the Edwardian era, the roaring ’20s. Here’s a listing titled… Read More »

Errol Morris: What’s in my bag

Click thumbnails to view images Errol Morris is an academy award-winning documentary filmmaker. His films include Gates of Heaven, The Thin Blue Line, A Brief History of Time, Fast, Cheap, & Out of Control, and Standard Operating Procedure. Roger Ebert said, “After twenty years of reviewing films, I haven’t found another filmmaker who intrigues me… Read More »

James Gurney: What’s in my bag

Click thumbnails to view images James Gurney is the author and illustrator of the Dinotopia book series . His most recent books are called Imaginative Realism: How to Paint What Doesn’t Exist (2009) and Color and Light: A Guide for the Realist Painter (2010). In 2008, he traveled with writer Alan Dean Foster to North… Read More »

Joi Ito: What’s in my bag

Click thumbnails to view images I change my bag depending on whether it’s likely I’ll be riding a bike, snowmobile, etc. I also sometimes carry an iPad. The amount and type of dive gear and camera(s) changes with where I’m traveling to as well. (Click here for full-size photo.) However, this is a pretty good… Read More »

Valentines’ Day Boardgame Remix Kits

Valentines’ Day Boardgame Remix Kits The game-redesigning-geniuses at London’s Hide-and-Seek have released a V-day add-on for their clever Boardgame Remix Kit (download the pdf). For those of you who missed it the first time around: the BRK is a set of playtested alternative rules that treats the box-contents of Scrabble, Monopoly, Clue (AKA Cluedo) and… Read More »

Monté: King of the Atom-Age Monster Decals!

Click thumbnails to view images For the past five decades, mystery has surrounded the identity of Monté, the reclusive decal master who tossed a cherry bomb into the toilet of Eisenhower-era conformity, and then vanished. Now, author Bill Selby’s Monté: King of Atom-Age Monster Decals uncovers the remarkable and ultimately tragic story of Monté, from… Read More »

Egypt in Chaos

Egypt in Chaos By Xeni Jardin on Friday, Jan 28, 2011 A protester stands in front of a burning barricade during a demonstration in Cairo January 28, 2011. Police and demonstrators fought running battles on the streets of Cairo on Friday in a fourth day of unprecedented protests by tens of thousands of Egyptians demanding… Read More »

Everybody loves cephalopods

everybody loves cephalopods by Maggie Koerth-Baker Everybody loves cephalopods—that class of animals containing octopuses, squid, and cuttlefish. But why? What makes these non-fluffy, non-mammals so appealing? Last August, I attempted to answer that question in a presentation for a University of New Mexico IGERT symposium. “Those Fabulous Octopus Brains” is a 30-minute speech linking cephalopod… Read More »

Psi-Fi: Popular Culture and the Paranormal

Psi-Fi: Popular Culture and the Paranormal by Jeffrey Kripal We grossly underestimate the weird powers of reading and writing. Take the Library Angel, so named by the Hungarian writer Arthur Koestler. These are not subtle beings with wings, but magical moments in which one picks up a book or turns to a page, seemingly at… Read More »