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Misleading government stats and the innumerate media who repeat them

This week’s Bad Science column from Ben Goldacre is an entertaining and frustrating look at the way that the government manipulates statistics with help from a tame and innumerate news media: The Sun said: “Police have charged nearly 150 people after violent anarchists hijacked the anti-cuts demo and brought terror to London’s streets.” The Guardian… Read More »

Britain’s back-room negotiations to establish a national, extrajudicial Internet censorship regime

Ed Vaizey, the UK Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries has admitted that he is in talks with ISPs to create a voluntary national firewall. Big copyright companies would petition to have sites they don’t like added to the secret national blacklist, and the ISPs would decide — without transparency or judicial review —… Read More »

Front-line report from Trafalgar Square paints a radically different picture

Forget what you’ve seen on the BBC and Sky about yesterday’s protest/”riot” in Trafalgar Square; the New Statesman‘s Laurie Penny was on the barricades (and apparently, there was a moment when the barricades were on her), and she’s seen something altogether different from what the mainstream coverage depicts. If you read only one account of… Read More »

Libya: Woman struggles to tell foreign journalists of kidnapping, rape by Qaddafi militia

“A Libyan woman burst into the hotel housing the foreign press in Tripoli Saturday morning and fought off security forces as she told journalists that she had been raped and beaten by members of the Qaddafi militia. After nearly an hour, she was dragged away from the hotel screaming.” (New York Times) Her name is… Read More »

Nuclear reactors of the world: vintage wall charts

Image: Wylfa Magnox, Wylfa, Anglesey, UK. Wall chart insert, Nuclear Engineering, 1965 Now seems like a good week to revisit this set of 105 reactor wall charts, uploaded by the University of New Mexico. The dates next to each chart relate to the issue of Nuclear Engineering International magazine in which they first appeared. Ronald… Read More »

Articulated cardboard Cthulhu

Eddbagenal sez, “Students at Strode College in the UK staged a ‘cardboard costume’ catwalk show including this awesome articulated Cthulhu headpiece made entirely from old box cartons.” Technically, the description calls it an octopus, but if that’s not an elder god great old one, I’m not a damned soul Cardboard Catwalk (Thanks, eddbagenal, via Submitterator!)… Read More »

Tips from a “prolific dumpster diver”

A self-described “prolific dumpster diver” in the UK was mass-interviewed on Reddit yesterday, and wrote some detailed, intriguing, and potentially useful descriptions of how he lives and thrives on trash: Besides food, what are some of the other products that you come across most frequently and use? Nothing has such a short shelf-life as food,… Read More »

40,000 P2P lawsuits dismissed – bad week for copyright trolls

Judges in California, Washington DC, Texas, and West Virginia have severed P2P lawsuits against unnamed John Does, effectively dismissing the cases against 40,000 American Internet users. Some users are still getting notices from their ISPs, though, and EFF has a spreadsheet you can consult if you’ve gotten a notice (spread the word!). The plaintiffs in… Read More »

Super-wealthy clothes horses and their sartorial habits

The WSJ profiles a group of super-rich clothes-horses who pay full price for designer frocks costing tens of thousands of dollars. One hedge fund manager’s wife who bought a $12,000 Alexander McQueen considers herself a “curator” and hopes “someday someone will find [my clothes] important and significant.” Not entirely impossible: fashion is a kind of… Read More »