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Test Post

Just when you thought Fox News couldn’t get any better, they go and publish an insane op-ed called “The War On Men” (Really babe? A war? Like with real guns and stuff? Or just with angry women yielding tampons?) that makes you smack your forehead in delightful frustration. After publishing this piece, I’m sure everyone… Read More »

Software pioneer and ENIAC programmer Jean Bartik dies at 86

The New York Times has published an obituary for Jean Jennings Bartik, “one of the first computer programmers and a pioneering forerunner in a technology that came to be known as software.” She died on March 23 at a nursing home in Poughkeepsie, NY, at age 86. She was the last surviving member of the… Read More »

Assuming women are photoshopped ‘beyond recognition’ has pitfalls, learns Internet

As soon as I saw that Wired had put excellent lady engineer Limor Fried on the cover, my first thought was Yes! Finally! My second thought was “Angry people will find something to be angry about here!” And so it was, with Good magazine writing that Wired had “photoshopped a Lady scientist beyond recognition” and… Read More »

Breastmilk ice-cream

Icecreamists, an ice-cream parlour in London’s Covent Garden, is selling human breast milk ice-cream for £14 a scoop. The breastmilk is purchased from lactating mothers, and the product (called “Baby Gaga”) is intended to raise awareness of breastmilk’s deliciousness and encourage more breastfeeding. The milk is pasteurised and flavoured with lemon zest and vanilla pods.… Read More »

California congresswoman: a vendetta against Planned Parenthood has nothing to do with creating jobs or reducing the deficit

Eileen Gunn sez, “Rep. Jackie Speier (D, CA) spoke passionately in opposition to stripping Planned Parenthood of any US funding. Compare and contrast with smarmy Rep. Chris Smith (R, NJ).” Speier’s point is well-taken: using a budget debate as an excuse to pursue Planned Parenthood is obstructionist, divisive politics at its worst. Imagine if the… Read More »

Italy: Bad Day for Sultan Berlusconi as Millions of Women Demand He Resign

Photo (click for large) by Francesca Ottobelli: anti-Berlusconi protesters in Italy today. “If Not Now, When?” was a national demonstration of Italian women, against Berlusconi and, to put it bluntly, his porno-democracy. The demo had other slogans as well: Resign! Basta! I don’t give up! ADESSO, NOW! A flash mob in 280 cities of Italy… Read More »

In Congo, mass rape on New Year’s Day

Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières, or MSF) reports that workers at the international emergency medical aid organization treated victims of mass rape on New Year’s Day in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The group treated 33 women who were raped in the village of Fizi, South Kivu. According to the United Nations, rape is… Read More »

Neurosexism examined: Delusions of Gender

Stanford neurobiologist Ben Barres has a great review of Delusions of Gender by Cordelia Fine. Dr. Fine outlines some of the methodological problems and biases that creep into work by behavioral scientists who study sexual differentiation. Dr. Barres has been on the front lines of the battle against neurosexism for years, because he has first-hand… Read More »