From Barracuda magazine: Inside Von

From Barracuda magazine: Inside Von Dutch’s Truck (with pictures)

“In the early 1950s, pinstriping on cars was all but non-existent. Pinstripes hadn’t appeared on an American production car in about 20 years. And the last time they were seen, they were usually slavishly following the contours of the car’s body.

And then along came Von Dutch. Working from a shop in Southern California, Von Dutch almost single-handedly revived the art. His freestyle pinstriping method had lines shooting out in all directions, with sharp angles, evoking a feeling of frenzy and speed. His smooth lines could suddenly erupt into a sharp point, making intricate ‘spider web’ designs and images like faces and animals. By 1958, pinstriping had become a bona fide craze. Von Dutch’s designs were so popular, that people would bring their cars from all over the country just to be ‘dutched.'”