From The Mainichi Interactive: “The

From The Mainichi Interactive: “The Hyatt Regency Osaka will offer a Hello Kitty and Friends package plan from July 31 through Aug. 31. Satisfaction is guaranteed for those who love Hello Kitty. Benefits of the plan include: accommodation in a “Kitty room,” which is decorated with Hello Kitty goods; a complimentary ticket to an event (held near the hotel) related to Hello Kitty; a complimentary set of Kitty merchandise (a stuffed toy Kitty, mini bag, toothbrush and more); and breakfast. The prices are set as follows: 15,500 yen per adult and 10,000 yen per child aged 4 to 12 based on double occupancy, and 13,000 yen per adult and 10,000 yen per child based on triple occupancy. On Saturdays, and Aug. 13, prices increase by 3,000 yen. Prices include service charge but not tax. The hotel will offer up to 22 Kitty rooms a day. There will be Kitty rooms specifically designed for handicapped people. Almost all the hotel’s rooms have no floor-level differences. In addition, in the Kitty rooms designed for handicapped people there are features such as specially designed handrails and low washing stands. The hotel does not offer accommodations to children only. For further information and reservations, call (06) 6612-1234.”