The FBI interviewed Los Alamos

The FBI interviewed Los Alamos scientist Wen Ho Lee 20 times, trying to make him confess to charges that he gave nuclear weapons secrets to the Chinese. And in all 20 interviews, he denied the charges. So the FBI sent in a “hostile interviewer” named Carol Covert (yep, that’s her real name). According to the Los Angeles Times, during the interview, Covert and other FBI agents “said–falsely–that Lee had failed a polygraph test. Then they angrily warned him that, unless he cooperated, he might never see his children again and could be ‘electrocuted.’ �����

“Finally, the two agents pulled out a piece of paper and demanded that Lee sign a full confession of espionage–a crime that carries the death penalty–without a lawyer present. Lee had not even retained a lawyer at the time.” ����

�”‘Poor bastard, he didn’t understand,’ said an official who has seen the FBI-drafted confession. ‘He kept crossing things out and trying to correct it. He was trying to help them. He still didn’t get what was happening.'”

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