My obsession with the Haunted

My obsession with the Haunted Mansion started when I was 6 years old, in 1977, and my folks took me to Walt Disney World. It was our last night, we had three E-Tickets left, and decided to go the Mansion just before closing. It was dark, the wolves were baying, and there was a small group in the queue area. The castmember who opened the door was perfect: “Master Gracey requests more bodies,” and the ride-through was amazing. Afterward, we went to the now-defunct gift-stand at the front of the queue area. I spent every cent of my birthday and Christmas money on junque from the shop, and best of all were the glowing cards.

We got in our rental car and headed back to my grandparents’ place in Lauderdale. I fell asleep in the back seat, and the next thing I knew, I was being carried into a new car. The rental had broken down, and the company sent out a new one. My dad carried me into the replacement, and my favorite souveniers, the glowing cards, were left behind.

The rental company never found them. When I returned a few years later and hunted for replacements, no one at any of the shops or Guest Relations knew what I was talking about. Ever since then, I’ve been trying to find someone, anyone, who’d heard of these things.

I was halfway convinced I’d imagined them when I stumbled across the listing for them on Jeff Baham’s amazing Haunted Mansion site. Obsessive Web-searching and eBay scouring have failed to turn up any for sale. I would kill to own them again. Someone, somewhere, must have a set they’re willing to part with. I sure hope so, anyway. Link, Link