Snoop Dog’s new track debuts in-game

Snoop Dog’s new single will debut in a game.

Snoop Dog, always on the cutting edge of music, games and porn, has set a new precedent for the ever-evil music business. His new single, Riders on the Storm, has debuted in Need For Speed Underground 2. The track, produced with the surviving members of The Doors, can only be heard if you buy the game (for now, at least). The article goes on to make the case for future collaborations between the two mediums. It’s a no-lose deal for the music industry, which is a big, old, fat loser. While gaming is a sexy redhead. Our emerging presence in the mainstream just keeps mounting. And, no, I don’t say that with naive glee — more like, worried awe. Hopefully the music biz culture won’t rub off.

Link (via Wonderland)