Canadian national reading summit, Toronto, Nov 12-13

The inaugural Reading and Democracy National Reading Summit is coming up in Toronto on Nov 12-13, and I’m coming to Toronto to speak at it. The plan is to “create a national reading strategy for Canada” — a noble goal.

The TD National Reading Summit will engage participants in crafting a blueprint for a reading Canada. Over two days, delegates will hear from an impressive line-up of speakers from across the country and around the world. Ana Maria Machado (Brazil), Ingrid Bon (Netherlands), Elisa Bonilla (Mexico), Richard C. Anderson (USA), Cory Doctorow (UK/Canada), Tom King (Canada), Charles Pascal (Canada), and others will explore what it means to be a reader in a democratic society and share their research and experience in developing reading promotion programs. Conference sessions will inspire delegates to collaborate and lay the groundwork for new provincial and federal programs that will ultimately foster a reading culture in Canada.

Becoming a reader is at the very heart of responsible citizenship