Nicolas “Copyright” Sarkozy mass-pirates DVDs

Glyn sez, “The same French president who has for the second time brought in three strikes to France has for the second time been caught infringing copyright on a large scale. The presidential audiovisual services have produced 400 unauthorized copies of the 52-minute documentary ‘A visage decouvert: Nicolas Sarkozy.’ This is quite impressive as the producer of the documentary has only shipped 50 copies.”

The French satirical investigative journalism weekly “Le Canard Enchaîné” reveals that our holier-than-thou presidency is in fact a pirate’s lair. In a stunning display of hypocrisy, the presidential audiovisual services produced 400 unauthorized copies of the 52 minutes documentary “A visage découvert : Nicolas Sarkozy”…

It is even more appalling that we are dealing with repeat offenders : last spring, while the Hadopi law was discussed, U.S. music duo MGMT received €30,000 as a settlement for a copyright infringement by French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s party who used one of its songs at a political rally without permission. Those who led the charge against Internet users are not the most respectful of copyright.

French presidency makes 400 unauthorized copies of DVD (Thanks, Glyn!)