Coffee of the month from my favorite London roasters, Square Mile


The wonderful coffee roasters at London’s Square Mile do a coffee-of-the-month subscription, through which they’ll send you about a pound of their favorite blends (including pre-release blends) through the post, every month. Most of the really good coffee in London is roasted at Square Mile, and they’re exceedingly nice people, too.

I’ve just signed up for a whole year (and, full disclosure, I’ve been recycling some of their old burlap coffee sacks as packing materials, and they’re not charging me for them).

What coffees will we send?

It will be the coffee that we are most excited about at that time and will be roasted for filter brewing, as opposed to espresso. It might be the latest Cup of Excellence, a new micro lot or just something we’re excited to share! Monthly subscriptions will ship on the first Thursday of every month.

Twelve Month Subscription (UK)