Assuming women are photoshopped ‘beyond recognition’ has pitfalls, learns Internet

limorwired.jpeg As soon as I saw that Wired had put excellent lady engineer Limor Fried on the cover, my first thought was Yes! Finally! My second thought was “Angry people will find something to be angry about here!” And so it was, with Good magazine writing that Wired had “photoshopped a Lady scientist beyond recognition” and that it is “fucking wrong.” Good even dug out an old photo to prove how ‘normal’ Fried looks in real life, an act of David Brentian chivalry if ever there was one. But it doesn’t really matter, because strong women do not need Homo Internetii to defend their honor. At Boing Boing and elsewhere, Fried commented: “The cover is stylized but that is really what I looked like. I was not ‘plasticized’ or ‘heavily photoshopped’. if I take off my glasses, have my hair done, and wear make-up its what I look like.”