The taste of cat, donkey, dog, and rat meat

An interesting item about the flavor of pet, vermin, and work animal meat, courtesy of Futility Closet.

henry-l.jpg During the German siege of Paris in 1870, residents had to eat whatever animals were at hand. Daily News correspondent Henry Labouchère recorded his opinions:

• Horse: “eaten in the place of beef … a little sweeter … but in other respects much like it”
• Cat: “something between rabbit and squirrel, with a flavor all its own”
• Donkey: “delicious — in color like mutton, firm and savory”
• Kittens: “either smothered in onions or in a ragout they are excellent”
• Rat: “excellent — something between frog and rabbit”
• Spaniel: “something like lamb, but I felt like a cannibal”

“This siege will destroy many illusions,” he wrote, “and amongst them the prejudice which has prevented many animals being used as food. I can most solemnly assert that I never wish to taste a better dinner than a joint of a donkey or a ragout of cat — experto crede.”

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