Douglas Rushkoff’s new social media conference

BB pal Douglas Rushkoff has launched a new one-day conference to explore alternatives futures of social media outside the context of marketing and what he sees as the overwhelming corporate influence on today’s Web. The event takes place October 20 at the Angel Orensanz Center in New York City. From Doug’s site:

Ociallll Social media offer us an opportunity more spectacular than purchasing video greetings from American Idol contestants for our Facebook friends. They offer us the ability to play an active, conscious role in the development of our networked human future: from distributed communications networks impervious to the censorship of corporate or government regimes to new modes of value creation and exchange, or new open source democratic participation to collective consciousness and expression.

So, in a world now overflowing with networking events, I decided to launch a new conference ā€“ Contact ā€“ a counter-conference, if you will, dedicated to folding the edges of net culture back to the middle where they belong.

The Internet was prefigured not by Wired but by BoingBoing and Mondo2000. The net revolution is happening on the streets of Cairo, not the Facebook page of PepsiCorp. And social networking is less a tool for kids to agree upon a brand of sport shoe than the unemployed workers of Cleveland to support their collective renaissance.

Iā€™m tired of bemoaning the commercialization of the net, and would rather simply take it back or build another one capable of realizing the tremendous evolutionary potential that these media appeared to hold in store for us as they emerged twenty years ago.

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