Toronto Mini Maker Faire, May 7/8

A gang of Toronto makers are throwing the inaugural Toronto Mini Maker Faire on May 7/8 at the Evergreen Brick Works, and they’re raising funds and selling tickets and sponsorships to make the event a reality. Maker Faires are about as good as it gets, and it’s a delight to have one on the way to Toronto. There’s all kinds of hackerspace-style swag for donors, from laser-cut CN Towers to robot illustrations and shirts.

The Treehouse Group and Site 3 coLaboratory are co-organizing a Mini Maker Faire in Toronto, May 7 & 8, at the Evergreen Brick Works. A Maker Faire is a place for Makers to come together to compare notes, see what others are doing, and to spark ideas for new projects and expanded collaboration. It facilitates the exchange of information throughout a community whose members in many cases work alone or in groups that have limited opportunities to associate with one-another. Toronto Mini Maker Faire will include: commercial and non-commercial Makers, designers, hackerspaces, workshops, demos and speakers. It will be entertaining and educational. The majority of our booths will be interactive, and visitors will have opportunities to take home a part of the experience when they participate.

Mini Maker Faire Toronto (Thanks, Joe!)