Flapper’s dictionary: 1922

JimL sez, “Originally published in the July 1922 edition of FLAPPER magazine, this dictionary went into some detail, listing the group’s slang and providing definitions. In the process, it also provided an insight: through the slang we can begin to discern attitudes and priorities and the mindset of the adherents. And the adherents, after all, were our grandmothers and great-grandmothers. Who knew?”

Absent Treatment–Dancing with a bashful partner.
Airedale–A homely man.
Alarm Clock–Chaperon.
Anchor–Box of flowers.
Apple Knocker–A hick; a hay-shaker.
Apple Sauce–Flattery; bunk.
Barlow–A girl, a flapper, a chicken.
Bank’s Closed–No petting allowed; no kisses.
Bee’s Knees–See “Cat’s Pajamas”
Bell Polisher–A young man addicted to lingering in vestibules at 1 a.m.
Bean Picker–One who patches up trouble and picks up spilled beans.
Berry Patch–A man’s particular interest in a girl.
Biscuit–A pettable flapper.
Big Timer–(n. masc.)–A charmer able to convince his sweetie that a jollier thing would be to get a snack in an armchair lunchroom; a romantic.

A Flappers’ Dictionary (Thanks, JimL, via Submitterator!)