Lovecraft manuscript with musical wax cylinder

British Cthulhu emporium Yog-Sogoth have produced a lovely kit to accompany a manuscript for Albert Wilmarth’s HP Lovecraft’s story The Whisperer in Darkness: it includes a genuine musical wax cylinder with a 2:05 spooky composition meant to accompany the reading. I’ve got one on my desk and it is a fabulous bit of dead media, and perfectly fitting.

The prop kit features the following lovingly detailed items:

* Wax cylinder with a mysterious & chilling recording (2 minutes, 5 seconds).
* A 30 page copy of Albert Wilmarth’s manuscript describing the events in Vermont (HPL’s The Whisperer in Darkness).
* Two large (faux) contemporary photographs taken by Henry Akeley.
* A guide on how to handle your cylinder recording.
* A signed, sealed and numbered certificate of ownership.

The Whisperer in Wax: New Cylinder from Yog-Sothoth